May 2023 – A new release, an upcoming Novel, and movement on the horizon.

Hi Folks!

The first part of 2023 has been really busy on multiple fronts, and as a result I haven’t had as much writing time as I would have liked – but there are still a bunch of exciting things happening.

What’s New?

What Goes Around

New for May – a short story release from the Fallen World Universe, with a bad-ass cover by my friend Jamie Ibson at Ibson Writes!

Deathrace meets the Thunderdome – In this Fallen World.

Thaddeus Drake will do whatever he must to protect the Arcology and the life they’ve built in the shadow of the Devil’s Head lookout. When an Agent makes a run on seven mile road, she brings with her an enemy he has no way to face.

There is only one place he can find what he needs to save them. The ruins of Denver, and the TraderTrack. In a race against time, Thad will gamble his skill as a driver that they can win – or lose everything, including their lives.

What Goes Around is a short story of 10500 words set in the Fallen World Universe.

A Nest of Stars – In German!

This was a particularly exciting feather in my cap made possible by CKPI! (Chris Kennedy Publishing International)
The release of my short story “Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs” as part of the German language release of “It Takes More Kinds” and of “A Nest of Stars means I’m now internationally published, with additional language options planned for the future.

So far NOS has done very well for ratings in Germany, and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey of the crew of the Merry Dreamer and the Votha with a wider audience!

Down the road…

Soul Mate

After a few rounds of edits to reshape the book and add tie-ins and Easter eggs galore – Soul Mate is finished and approved by the IP owner. It still has to be submitted to the Publisher and accepted before I’ll find out when the publication date will be and I’ll share that as soon as I’m able, but my best guess is Q1 of 2024. The next chapter of the story that began in “Cast the First Stone” and continued in “Glass Houses” is coming to you in a full-length novel.

Every profession has its perks—and its problems.

When Solomon Thorpe accepted the mantle of the Sin-Eater on the death of his mentor Roland Addy, he became the kind of rich most people only see in movies, and as the Chairman of the Second Chance Foundation, he was in a position to make a real difference in the world.

To add to the dream, Solomon was learning to use kaval—magic, and his bodyguard was a succubus whose favors men would literally die – or kill for, even if she did nibble on his soul from time to time. It was a lot for a man whose highest ambition had been to become a tenured Professor.

But while Solomon struggled to come to terms with his new responsibilities, Life Enders has a problem they need his help with. A Shooter they think is possessed, but possessed by what?

With Addy gone, forces from his past are moving in the shadows, and as a Sin-Eater for more than half a millennium, Addy cast a long shadow indeed.

In process…


For those of you looking forward to a return to the Benthi Federation, I’ve been working steadily on the outline for Warbirds.

Far from a local skirmish, the Benthi not-so-civil war threatens to destabilize an entire sector. On the Benth Orbital Ring, those still loyal to the Federation fight to survive against the oppression of the Pembrooke corporation and Consortium security forces. Meanwhile, the Federation Council considers if it’s better to attempt to re-take the station, or destroy it before the Consortium crushes what remains of the Federation with sheer economic might. Either choice could kill millions of former Federation citizens on the ring, and if the ring should fall, possibly millions more in the undersea cities on Benth itself.

In the Vothan system, the Xoth’tar are gathering to honor the new Sho’kahr, and the Futaba Council faces the choice of joining the Federation or returning to their previous isolation. Rath Peterson and the crew of the Merry Dreamer struggle with the consequences of Rath’s new position, torn between the need to stay and protect the Votha or return to Halo to help their friends. Even with Interdictor to anchor the system’s defense, once the Xoth’tar leave, the Votha will need ships of their own, and even if they had them to give, the Federation is stretched to the breaking point.

At Split-Rock, Raptor Benedo hopes to rebuild the Raptor command while the Votha learn a new game. A game called War.

Other work…

I have one other short (horror) story in process, and I’m still planning on having the next Tolliver Case Files story out this year.

A call for help

There have been a couple of changes on Amazon lately, and both can really help not just me – but any Author whose work you enjoy. The first is I can see how many followers I have on the Zon – If you have an Amazon account (I know you do) please check my Author page here:

Look to the upper left next to my picture and click the +FOLLOW button. This really helps by letting Amazon know I have an audience, and it also helps me to get information about new releases to you!

The second is on the subject of Reviews. Amazon has recently cross-platformed reviews with Goodreads, so your reviews reach a wider audience than ever before. Text reviews are the BEST! Something as simple as “Great Read” or “Enjoyed it!” Helps me find new readers. If you aren’t the texty type – a quick click on those stars at the end of your read makes my day, and it lets potential readers know the juice is worth the squeeze. For an Author, like coffee, reviews are the stuff of life. The more you have of either, the easier it is to sit down and write that next story.

That’s the news for now – Thank you, and as always,

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