March 2022 – Antici-pation – and new releases

The ides of March. Well, okay, technically post ides – but you get the idea.

First is a toe-dip into the world of non-fiction with Brief Lessons in Writing, a book of essays from/for new writers. I was fortunate to be asked to contribute. I’m rationing these stories, but only because I don’t want them to end.

Second is the solo release of my first professionally released short story. GUMBO: A Rise of the Peacemakers Story which originally appeared in Set the Terms. Available NOW on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Peacemaker Candidate Jackson Rains has a problem on the agro world of Avbo, and it has entirely too many legs.

Tensions between the Flatar-Tortantula garrison and the Xiq’tal mercenaries that use Avbo as a liberty world have escalated from a minor conflict to an all-out war. While both sides are having a wonderful time killing one another, not even the Mercenary Guild is talking about why…

Coming Soon!

THE EXECUTIONERS – Releasing on April 29th by myself and Jason Córdova.

This one is a high body-count ride from the first days of Humanity’s entry into the Galactic Union – Set in the Four Horsemen Universe! Like most Four Horsemen novels, if you look carefully you’ll find a few Easter eggs that will make you look at happenings in the other books in a whole new way.

And just on the horizon – Check out my story WHAT GOES AROUND in “Among the Embers,” a new Fallen World anthology by Chris Kennedy and Chris Woods on May 6

That’s all for now, and as always,

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