December 2022 – A Charlie Biggs Christmas

Okay – not JUST Christmas – it’s a Charlie Biggs Holiday Special – The release was November 23rd. Charlie doesn’t mind. He’s a celebrate them all kind of guy.

This time of year is busy for everyone, so I’ll keep it short. The first bit of news it the stand-alone release of “Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs?” and is a return to the Salvage Title Universe and the Benthi Federation.

Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs?

Charlie” is a tie-in story to “A Nest of Stars” and – as a teaser – sets up a lot of future events on the Benth orbital ring. Those things that don’t seem important? Well, wait and see!

When the alarms sound on one of the largest structures in space, it gets your attention.

They say adventure is months of boredom punctuated by hours of sheer terror. It’s a saying Charlie Biggs – a career Officer on the Benthi Federation’s orbital ring security force – can absolutely tell you is true.

When a routine check into some noisy alien visitors coincides with an attack on the station, It’s up to Charlie to sort things out – even when the authorities on the station seem to want them dead.

Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs? Is a short story of 10200 words in the Salvage Title Universe.

The beginning of December I rewrote an introductory story for the Ravenswept Chronicles Universe. The jury is out on if that will appear in a future anthology or will become part of a novel, but after doubling the original word count I’m happy with where it ends – and how it begins the next part of the story.

There has been a delay in the production of SOUL MATE – that’s actually good news as it led to some additional opportunities that I’m looking forward to telling you about when things solidify – expect an announcement sometime in Q1, 2023.

I plan on finishing up 2022 with A new short story for the 4HU, outlining a Horror story for later in the year, and I may tinker some with Shoggoth on the Run – the next story in the Irving Tolliver Case Files.

2023 starts with with a deep dive into my next novel in the Salvage title universe with the working title: WARBIRDS.

I wish you all an amazing Holiday season, with Health, Wealth, and Happiness for all the new year!

As always, KEEP READING!