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Hello friends – welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you’ll find information on my stories, upcoming appearances, behind the scenes information and more. – Settle in, grab yourself a drink, and I’ll tell you a story….

My Latest Release

When one of the highest scoring snipers in history is called up to settle an old score, LifeEnders takes exception to the hit, especially since the target has a very particular set of skills..

After years of frustration in the halls of academia, Solomon Thorpe had finally found a career, and a life, working as gentleman’s secretary for Professor Roland Addy. As one of the foremost experts on folklore and magic, Addy traveled extensively to research and lecture. For Solomon, the pay was good, the benefits and travel were better, and the future looked perfect – until the world he thought was just another field of study came crashing into his reality.

Not only was magic real, Solomon needed to learn how to use it in a hurry – Preferably before it killed him.

Cast the First Stone is a short story of approximately 11000 words in the Hit World Universe.

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