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Hello friends – welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you’ll find information on my stories, upcoming appearances, behind the scenes information and more. – Settle in, grab yourself a drink, and I’ll tell you a story….

My Latest Release

What Goes Around

Deathrace meets the Thunderdome – In this Fallen World.

Thaddeus Drake will do whatever he must to protect the Arcology and the life they’ve built in the shadow of the Devil’s Head lookout. When an Agent makes a run on seven mile road, she brings with her an enemy he has no way to face.

There is only one place he can find what he needs to save them. The ruins of Denver, and the TraderTrack. In a race against time, Thad will gamble his skill as a driver that they can win – or lose everything, including their lives.

What Goes Around is a short story of 10500 words set in the Fallen World Universe.

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