September 2021 – Publication Schedule

Fall is here, that means a number of things in Colorado. The aspens are turning. With cooler evenings the fire pit is open, and soon the local corn maze will be running, Haunted Houses and Halloween – My favorite holiday, are just around the corner. It also means that a ton of hard work is about to burst through into the light of day:

First up! Hollow Threats – A story in “And Then It Got Weird” an Anthology Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy coming October 22nd.

And Then It Got Weird

700 years in the future, almost everyone lives a life of enhanced virtual reality, but when Cthulhu cultists are up to no good, it’s up to Private Detective Irving Tolliver to journey into the Hollow Earth and stop them!

Next! Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs? will be in “It Takes More Kinds” The second Anthology in the Salvage Universe of Kevin Steverson Edited by Kevin Steverson and Chris Kennedy Coming November 1st.

It Takes More Kinds

It’s another boring day for Charlie, a career security guard working the space docks on the Benth Orbital ring. When a routine check into a noisy alien tourist group coincides with an attack on the station, It’s up to Charlie to sort things out.

This story gives a preview of events happening in my upcoming novel also in the Salvage Universe, but you won’t have to wait long!

Last but not least – “A Nest of Stars!” will be released November 5th!

A Nest of Stars

Rath Peterson and the Seven Deadly Sins Mercenary company are ready to call it quits, and after a last successful mission, they return home for some well-earned R&R.
As they settle their affairs and prepare to say their goodbyes, they are offered one last run from a species not often seen in the Benthi Federation, a simple job that will add enough to the balance sheets that none of them ever need to stand in harm’s way again.

The Votha have rediscovered technology that will allow them to defend their home system, and all 7DS needs to do is evacuate a research team from an isolated outpost back to their home world, but within hours of accepting the contract 7DS is attacked, and in the aftermath they discover that nothing is the way it seems. Word of the Votha find has leaked, and others will stop at nothing to take it for themselves.

At the same time, powerful interests at home have thrown the Benthi Federation into chaos, leaving the team with nowhere to run – but the 7DS have never been ones to run from a fight, and the answer to the fate of four systems may be sitting in the Merry Dreamer’s cargo bay.

I’ll have two more story announcements for you in October! Thanks for looking in, and as always,

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