August 2021 – Catching Up

This summer has gone by in a flash. How is it August already? It seems only yesterday it was May and I was at FantaSci for my first convention as an Author. I had a great time, and seeing my work in the wild, meeting a bunch of other Authors I had only met online until then, as well as meeting some great 4HU fans and talking with them about “Prodigal Son” were absolute treats!

Since I got back I’ve been working on a number of stories and there’s a bunch of good things happening, the first of which was the cover reveal for the first of back-to-back anthologies in Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Title universe.

The first is “It Takes All Kinds” My story “Whatever Happened to Charlie Biggs?” will appear in the second anthology “It Takes More Kinds” and will give you a sneak peek into the events happening in “A Nest of Stars” If you haven’t read the Salvage Title series yet, now would be a great time to dive in!

“Hollow Threats” has also been accepted and will be coming soon to an anthology near you.

I have three other shorts in the pipeline, and three novels in planning and plotting stages that I’ll announce as soon as there is something solid I can share.

After a bit of a break, I’m back in front of the keyboard and working on the next round of stories..

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Until next time, thanks for being a part of my Writer’s journey.

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