November 2020 – Almost There…

The Draft for the new 4HU novel is nearly complete. We have already started the work of polishing and smoothing out our transition scenes. Then the work is off to the publisher for approval and the work of editing begins.

Mark and I have both had bits and brainstorming that has resulted in “There’s no room to explain that in this novel, looks like I’m going to have to write that someday so I can find out what happens.” And of course, any time you aren’t working strictly out of your own head, there are differences in style to account for, schedules to balance, bumps to smooth and dragons to slay.

For anyone waiting on to see what’s next for Peacemaker Jackson Rains, Amos and the Cajuns, old friends from the run on Avbo, and a bunch of new family, well, it’s almost time to belly up to the bar and grab an Abita.

Them dice, they be rollin!