September 2020 – Peering from the cave..

Today, like so many other days recently, seems a little upside down. It’s fall, that happens every year, I’m told – but everything is different. The usual rush out into the world to watch the wheel turn has turned into peering from the entrance of the cave, poking at the yellow light in the sky with my spear and grunting a lot. Is it safe?

Nope. But really, it wasn’t before, and now we are all faced -still- with the idea of what an acceptable risk is, and who we want to be in the new normal.

Here it is: For the time being. I’m Batman.
Underground Lair? Check.
Up most nights? Check.
Bat signal? Check, Between many over-connected work and social platforms, got that covered.
Filthy rich alter ego? – Well, not so much.
Exciting projects? Check!

Since June I’ve been working with my Co-Author Mark Stallings on a to-be-announced project. We are closing in on the halfway point.

I’m also continuing to work on a solo fantasy project, The Ravenswept Chronicles, and I’ll be spending a lot more time there once the current project is completed.

Cheers from the Bat-Cave!