December 2020 – Achievement Unlocked!

When Peacemaker Jackson Rains must weigh the survival of his family against the future of the Peacemaker Guild – How can he decide?

I’m happy to announce the manuscript for PRODIGAL SON is through final edits and safely in the hands of the publisher. Currently set to release on February 12.
PRODIGAL SON will follow up on Jackson Rains after Kevin Ikenberry’s FIELDS OF FIRE – You will spend time with old friends and new.

If you prefer audio books – the Audible for SET THE TERMS was released on Dec 22, 2020. Grab yourself a cup of GUMBO and settle in for over 13 hours of great peacemaker stories.

I’m excited to see my first novel in print. I learned a tremendous amount in my collaboration with Mark and in working with Kevin Ikenberry and Editor Mia Kleve on this tale in the Four Horsemen Universe (4HU) – now it’s time to apply all those lessons learned and sharpen up those tools for the next project.

I hope you and yours have a fantastic Holiday Season!