February 2022 – Projects, projects everywhere!

It’s February, and I’ve just returned from Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO – an annual event that teaches the business of writing as well as having a day spent on honing craft skills. This was my fifth year with the conference where I usually help with the registration desk in addition to going as an attendee. This year had a ton of great information.

On the writing front – “The Executioners” with Jason Córdova was completed and turned into the publisher on February 10th. “Cast the First Stone” has been released in William Alan Webb’s Hit World series in You Pay; We Slay. I’ve also completed “Glass Houses” – My second short in the same series.

Last but not least – my short story Gumbo: A Rise of the Peacemakers Story that originally appeared in “Set the Terms” has now been released as a stand alone story through Amazon.

My next project will be another short in the Four Horsemen Universe before settling down to work on the first of two novels. One in the Hit World Universe, and the second will return to the Salvage Title Universe and the Benthi Federation.

That’s all for now.

As Always, Keep reading!