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It Takes More Kinds

 Publisher: Theogony Books  Published: October 29, 2021  Pages: 404  Buy Now

It Takes Even More Kinds…Of Aliens!

Harmon Tomeral and his friends wanted nothing more than to go to space, and they have beaten the odds, time and again. They developed a mech and won the Top Fleet Marine Competition. They brought back a battlecruiser from an unknown system and made it their own. They made allies who helped them achieve great victories, and they ultimately founded new colonies in what has become known as the Salvage System.

The galaxy is a big place, though, peopled with thousands of races, and most haven’t graced the pages of a Salvage Title book…until now.

“It Takes More Kinds” contains twelve all-new stories showcasing even more of the aliens in the Salvage Universe, and helps give a wider view of the galaxy as events continue to transpire in The Coalition series. No matter the odds, though, Harmon Tomeral will be there to stick up for the little guy. From humans stuck being the freak show in an alien carnival to a battle that hinges on a salad, anything is possible. But is making friends with the Squilla and trusting them with your life just too much to ask?

Inside are potential allies for Harmon Tomeral and his friends…as well as some of the adversaries who are lining up against Salvage System. Who are these new races? Take a look inside and find out!