April 2022 – What Goes Around

Tokyo Drift meets Death Race, by way of Thunderdome!

Tomorrow is launch day for Among the Embers – A new anthology in Christopher Woods Fallen World Universe.

This is a new universe for me and one I’m really excited to be a part of. I was also excited to bring a version of one of my favorite places into the Fallen World – The Devil’s Head Lookout tower. It’s a place I’ve been many times over the years, with a great hike, and at the end a spectacular view, and all accompanied by the the real life wisdom and stories of Billy Ellis, who retired recently as the lookout after 35 years at the age of 87.

My version of Devil’s Head is bigger, with a tight knit community and more than a few surprises, but if you’re ever in Colorado, it’s a place worth visiting, with a view that you will not believe until you experience it. I tried to give my characters the same love of the place and of the view that Billy described to to me. That’s home.

Once you’re out in the Fallen World though – that’s a dangerous place, and in What Goes Around – you’ll see how far that can go when the stakes are high. Join me for a few turns of Tokyo Drift meets Death Race – By way of Thunderdome.

I’ll see you there.

As always,

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