March 2021 – Springing Forward

It’s been just over a month since the release of Prodigal Son and it currently has 52 ratings and 4.8 out of five stars on Amazon.

A big thank you to anyone who has read the book and especially to anyone who took the time to leave us a review!

Spring in Colorado always comes with the urge to be out and about, something that doesn’t mesh well with the wrap up of the pandemic, or with the need to have my butt-in-the-chair writing, but it’s good to see the light past 5pm again. With any luck the world will be a more normal place all around by the end of summer and I’m hoping to have at least a couple backpacking trips this year. As John Muir said “The Mountains are calling and I must go.”

When I’m not working or writing, I feed our neighborhoods pack of wild peanut devouring squirrels, and as soon as we are past the major freeze warnings will set up our fountain – that means the return of the ravens and most likely a coopers hawk or two.

On the writing front I have four projects currently on deck. One novel and three short stories. Right now I can tell you that the novel takes place in another SciFi shared universe and I’ll be able to tell you more in June or July, and that one of the shorts is on the same timeline.

For the other two, one will be turned in in May and the other is for a 2022 project, but I hope to have the story completed by August as I already have a sequel and possibly a novel in mind for that universe. There is also another the possibility of another book starting this fall, but at this point its too early to say. There has been a lot happening since the start of 2021 and I’m grateful for the wealth of opportunity.

Moving on from SciFi, I’ve started sharing some of the Dark and Stormy bits I’ve collected over the years on my author page at…

I’ve started a newsletter that will contain a copy of this blog and eventually some other material if you would prefer to have news delivered direct to your email.

That’s the news for now.